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Come check out this exciting new technology. Using exclusive¬†inks, the VAR¬†prints the image(s) directly to the vehicles factory finish. This reduces both the labor and material costs to complete fully customized large vehicle graphics. Compared to traditional vinyl graphics application, the VAR can do the same job for about 1/2 the cost. The VAR operates in much the same way as the ink jet printer sitting on your desk right now. Using a Windows PC and special software to control the movements of this 3-axis machine. All you need is a high resolution image in .tiff format to upload to the control PC. Once the vehicle’s body dimensions are entered into the software, all you do is start the print and stand back and watch the machine do the work! One person is all it takes to completely transform a vehicle into a rolling billboard.

The special inks are easy to take off for any reason and will not harm the original finish of the vehicle. Properly applied, the image(s) will last as long or longer than vinyl graphics. Plus the VAR graphics are much easier to remove than vinyl. This too will save on labor costs, allowing you to maximize profits while giving your customers a better value. The value of this process is so great, that you can offer your clients updated graphics every few years to keep their image fresh and dynamic without breaking the bank! Come on graphics applicators and fleet owners/managers, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 707.333.0393 to schedule your demonstration.


Take this opportunity to schedule a live demonstration to see how the VAR from 21C Graphics can increase your profits compared to traditional vinyl graphics!


Denver will see an example of what can be done with the VAR

You can realize increased profits using the VAR!