Vehicle Art Robo is now available in the US exclusively from 21C Graphics, providing a cost effective alternative to vinyl wrap.

Welcome to state of the art!

Vehicle Art Robo (VAR) is a vehicle printing system that will change the way you look at large vehicle graphics, literally. The unit consists of a frame, a 3-axis print head, and a control station.

Think of a large scale inkjet printer turned on its side. The VAR’s print head follows the surface of the vehicle to apply rich, vibrant, full-color graphics directly to the vehicles factory finish.

No need to print the graphics onto a substrate, then apply the substrate to the vehicle. The VAR virtually eliminates the most expensive part of a vinyl wrap…the labor to install it!

The graphics are resistant to UV fading, regular vehicle washing, and everyday road grime, salt, and pollution.

Removal of the VAR printed graphics is much easier than vinyl wrap and does not require any special tools, knowledge, or experience to do so. And the vehicle’s original finish is unharmed by this process.

Is vinyl wrap too expensive to consider regular updates of your company ad campaign? With VAR you can update your fleet graphics at any time for a fraction of the cost of vinyl printing and application.

Are you paying someone else to apply your fleet graphics? By owning a VAR you will have total control over your fleet graphics and save thousands of dollars per year!

BONUS: Turn ownership of a VAR into an additional profit center for your business by not only applying your own fleet graphics, but applying graphics for others…It’s an instant business opportunity that can increase your profits!

The finished product will last as long or longer than traditional vinyl printed graphics (vinyl wrap) and can be applied for a much lower cost per project, thereby increasing your profits!

logo21C Graphics is using this machine, based in Northern California, to apply custom graphics to buses, motor homes, RV’s, trailers, cars, trucks, and semi-trailers. We are also using the system to create custom signage for any event, business, or advertisement.

Please contact us for more information about the VAR machine and find out how we can provide a more cost effective solution to vinyl wrap.




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